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The RTS presents new productions each season. During these four booking periods, RTS wants to put the next tranche of performances on sale approximately every three weeks. Tickets are available in a staggered fashion – patrons and senior members gain early access to the best seats and later on tickets go out on sale to the general public and to people who traveled to London to see performances. Sales days begin at 9 AM, with a rapid traffic spike of around 3,000 concurrent users. During the process, customers enter the website and hit “refresh” multiple times, attempting to be the first to secure seats. Patrons who are familiar with the booking system quickly book multiple seats to various performances to reserve seats close to friends, and then cancel some of them at their leisure at checkout. In addition, people can also buy tickets via mobile phone and at the counter, and RTS needs to ensure they don’t sell the same ticket twice. This creates a load on the frontend and backend. The sales process needs to be as smooth and as efficient as possible, for two reasons. First, to ensure patrons and the audience receive the best customer experience possible. Friends and members who are knowledgeable and passionate supporters of the Ticketing Solution expect excellent customer service. They pay for their membership, and they inform RTS if the service falls below their standards. Delaying online sales must be avoided, as important customers might have taken time off, made specific plans or even delayed vacations, for the occasion. Good and reliable customer service ensures customer loyalty. Second, distortions in online sales can cause huge financial loss. The website is responsible for £35-40m/year direct ticket sales, and also supports secondary sales. One million pounds of this goes through during the first few hou rs alone. Therefore, the scalability and performance of the site, especially on key dates, is vital for revenue and to ensure a superior customer experience. RTS needs to deal with concurrency issues on their website and mobile app and high loads on their frontend and backend database. This is especially challenging considering the ticketing system was originally never architectured to scale, as it was conceived for box offices only.

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54, Annapurna Rd, Usha Nagar, Sudama Nagar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452009.

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